Our luxury vodka is an exceptionally refined spirit which is of the highest quality. Pug Vodka is created using only the very best British ingredients. Pug Vodka is distilled and bottled in the United Kingdom, using the finest British grain that has been specifically sourced for its renowned quality and taste, our bespoke blend gives Pug Vodka a luxuriously smooth satisfying grain finish.



Distilled 7 times to remove all impurities. The result is nothing less than exceptionally pure and refined vodka that leaves you with a distinctive smooth luxurious grain finish. In our opinion, it is the greatest tasting vodka in the world.



Pug Vodka's unique styling is like no other with a vibrant fresh look which challenges the status quo. We have combined our luxury spirit and our love for pugs to produce a one of a kind vodka that's like no other.



We only use the finest British grain in Pug Vodka which is blended with some of the most pristine water found in the United Kingdom.  Pug vodka is then distilled seven times to remove all impurities. This creates not just an exceptionally smooth and pure vodka, also a fantastic tasting spirit that can be enjoyed either straight or with your chosen mixer. #PUGTAILS